The owners of a well-watered and well-fed Irish water dog have admitted that the dogs have “some” things in common with their owners.

The owners of the well-worn water spade and well water dog, named ‘Cody’, told the Irish Times that their pet “is a bit like a cross between a dog and a cat”.

“I like to say that they have a little touch of everything, that’s the point,” said Shannon Murphy, the owner of the Well Water Dogs.

“They are both cross between the dogs of Irish owners and the cats of Irish cats.”

We had a puppy of our own and we were looking for a dog for a long time.

The puppy was so sweet and we had to go and get a cat, so we decided to get a dog.

He’s got a little tongue and tail. “

He’s not a very large breed but we do have a bit of both of them.

He’s got a little tongue and tail.

He likes to chew on things.”

Cody was named after Shannon Murphy and her husband and father-in-law, John.

“They love him very much, he has a very special place in their hearts,” said Ms Murphy.

The well-spayed and well fed dogs have been used by the couple to clean up litter, to help with their laundry and as a pet walker.””

We’re very fortunate that we were able to have this lovely puppy, he came into our life in a very short time.”

The well-spayed and well fed dogs have been used by the couple to clean up litter, to help with their laundry and as a pet walker.

“It’s a wonderful opportunity for us to go out and make a difference,” Ms Murphy said.

“There are so many people out there who are struggling, but they’ve got a lot to offer and the dogs help us out a lot with that.”

A dog’s natural instinct for licking, scratching and scratching itself has also been demonstrated by the Well Spade and Well Water Dog owners.

“The dogs are very good at picking up the litter that is in the house, they do that automatically, they’ll sit there and lick and sniff the litter, they will get all the little bits of the litter off the carpet, they’re really good at that,” said Mr Murphy.

“And we have a couple of them who can smell the dogs, which is amazing, they know what it is.”

Cory Murphy, Shannon Murphy’s husband, said the family’s two other dogs were “truly good at being a family”.

“They are very smart dogs, they are quite the family, they get along with one another, they have very close relationships, they play with one other, they walk with one others, they all come to our house,” he said.

“Cory is a great dog, he loves to have a good time, he gets on very well with other dogs and he enjoys playing with other children.”

The Well Water and Well Spades owners have a long history of caring for their dogs.

“Cody is just a little boy at heart, he is not a puppy, it’s a little kid,” said Mrs Murphy.

“I just love him so much, it is just so important for him to be well taken care of and I’m so proud of him.”

The Irish Times contacted the owners of both dogs and will update this story if we hear back.