A Primo Water machine dispensers new owner, but one that’s no longer water skiing.

Primo is one of the few manufacturers that still makes dispensers for people who want to use water skiing equipment.

The machines are not for everyone.

They don’t let you take your goggles off, and the blades don’t keep you cool.

But for the average water skier, they’re the ideal dispenser.

The Primo is the first water ski machine with an electric blade.

“We’re not the first company that has been making water ski blades and blades that are water skiing machines,” said Scott Hensley, Primo’s vice-president of marketing.

The new owner has been building out the machine and its water skiing capabilities.

In addition to the water ski blade, the Primo also comes with an electronic blade sensor that allows the machine to determine how much water it needs.

A Primo machine can also be charged with a standard water skied battery.

After just a few months, the company plans to expand its water ski capability and to get the machines into water parks and snow parks.

For the average skier who’s not interested in the water skiing, Primos new dispenser is a bit pricey.

One Primo dispenser costs $799.95.

Hensley said Primo wants to make the machine as easy to use as possible.

There are many different types of water skiers, from the water skater who uses the blades to the skier with the best hands, Hensleys said.

He said the machine has a full set of blades, which are interchangeable and replaceable.

It also has a lot of safety features like the blade sensor, which can be programmed to notify the user if the blade is about to cut, he said.

Hensleys says Primos blades are safe for everyone who is using them, but they do have some drawbacks.

Water skiing is a sport that requires a lot more dexterity than just a stick, and people who can’t handle it need extra training.

If you’re just looking for a disposable dispenser that can charge your skis, Hentsleys recommends going with a machine that is waterproof, has a cord that runs from the dispenser to your ski, and that’s also easy to clean.

At $799, the new dispensers Primo sells are pretty expensive for the most part.

But Hensys claims the machines are very well-built.

I think that’s really what we’re seeing here, that the Primos are really durable,” he said about the blades.

While the blades have an automatic shutoff, they have no buttons on them that users can press to turn the machine off, Honsley said.