FourFour Two, one of the leading Spanish online water retailers, is taking its customer service seriously.

The Spanish site has launched a new tool that helps customers know exactly what kind of water they’re getting in their water and which brands they should be buying from.

“We wanted to make it easy to tell customers what water is in our tap and what water they should use for their water needs,” co-founder Andres de la Torre said.

“It’s a good reminder that you have water in your tap, and you have it in your bottle and you should be using it.”

De la Torrre, a water engineer who founded FourFour, also introduced a new feature that will show you how much water you’re drinking and how much it costs, to help you avoid costly water bills.

The app can also show you what brand of water you are drinking and which brand of bottled water you should get.

FourFour says the new tool will be available in the next few weeks.