AUSTIN, Texas — The Texas Department of Water Resources announced Thursday it has cut water usage by about 15 percent compared with last year, while also reducing pumping capacity.

The state is now producing about 6.5 million acre-feet of water per day, down from 6.8 million a day in 2016.

But the state is also working to increase the amount of water used in the basin.

The water department says the cuts are part of a strategy to balance its budget.

Last year, the agency pumped about 4.3 billion acre-foot of water from the Gulf of Mexico, the state’s major water source.

This year, that figure is up to about 5.3 million acre feet.

The agency says it will be pumping more water in coming months to keep up with demand.

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The state is currently running low on water and is using a lot more water to make up for it.

Last month, the Department of Natural Resources ordered the closure of a plant that pumps water from a well in the city of Austin, which is located on the Gulf Coast.

The plant, which has been operating since 1883, has been the subject of some controversy, because of the environmental impact it has on fish populations.