Drinking water from Delaware’s waters is in short supply and not safe for swimming or swimming-related activities.

It’s not just for sports.

It can also be used to flush out viruses and other contaminants.

But the Delaware Water Gap has a solution: It’s selling it at a profit.

Delaware Water Gap, an organization that provides drinking water for nearly 300,000 residents in Wilmington, is making a profit on its services.

It’s a small-scale business that offers a variety of water products at competitive prices.

Its website states its products are available in water sports and other recreational activities.

But with water sports being popular in the United States, it’s becoming a business model that’s challenging to navigate in Delaware.

A report from the Water and Waste Management Commission found Delaware Water Games and other water sports were not regulated by the state and were selling at a loss to customers.

DelDOT’s Water and Wastewater Management Division says it does not regulate the industry and has no plans to do so.

The division said it does regulate water sports such as water polo and water skiing.

But it says it is trying to address issues in Delaware through the Delaware Sports Water Sports Marketing Plan.

The plan, created in 2016, has been working its way through the state’s regulatory system.

In a report published by the agency, the Water Gap noted the water sports industry has not done a good job of educating its customers.

The group wrote:A large number of Delaware residents, especially in rural areas, are not educated about the risks and benefits of using water sports, particularly for their own safety.

A lack of information on the industry’s website has led many people to buy and consume products that are not safe.

This lack of awareness and education on the safety of these products is a major barrier to public health and safety, according to the report.

The report also noted that there are a variety (including some recreational) and limited (including many sports) water products available to Delaware residents.

It also said Delaware Water Sports marketing plans are not well-funded and that there is a lack of a clear policy on the marketing of these sports products.

The water sports marketing plan is not the only problem the group is seeing in Delaware: There are no water quality standards in place for the Delaware water.

The state’s Department of Environmental Protection has been looking into the issue since 2014.

DelFos report was issued by the Water District of Delaware.

The report also recommends that the state set up a statewide water quality monitor and that the public be educated about what’s in their water and how to prevent it.

In addition, it urges the department to do a thorough investigation into the water quality of water in Delaware and how it affects its residents.