The evian brand is launching a new product to help customers avoid dehydration and keep their drinks cool.

The new drink has a heat-resistant coating, which is the same one used on their water bottles.

Evian’s CEO, John L. Gomes, said the company’s water bottle has a ceramic frame that provides more protection from the elements.

“It’s more than just being cool,” Gomes said.

“It’s also being able to keep things from getting too hot.”

The new water bottle will cost about $75, and it is available online starting this week.

It has a glass, stainless steel, ceramic and silicone base, and is available in red, green and white.

The company said that, unlike water bottles, which are made of a thin plastic material, the evian drink can hold a variety of liquids and be used in a wide range of situations.

“We’ve always been concerned about heat, and what’s more, we’ve always found that water is more efficient than hot,” Gome said.

Gomes said the product is part of a larger evolution for the brand.

The brand started in 2002 and has grown to include a line of water bottles and coolers.

It’s the first product from Evian to use a thermostatically controlled thermostat, which helps keep the thermostats temperature as low as possible.

Evian is now known as the brand that sells the most hot drinks in the U.S. and the most cold drinks in Mexico, according to data from the beverage and foodservice industries trade group.