The American Heart Association has officially endorsed the use of distilled water for treating chronic headaches.

The association says it’s the first time a beverage is being recommended as a therapy to treat migraines.

The American Medical Association has also backed the use, and the American Heart and Stroke Association has endorsed it as a treatment for back pain and chronic pain.

For many years, bottled water was the most commonly used water therapy in the United States, and many people assumed that bottled water had no long-term side effects.

But the American Beverage Association (ABA) says it has found that bottled drinking water can cause problems for people with chronic headaches, and that the ABA is currently recommending bottled water to treat chronic migrainis.

If you’ve been suffering from migrainic headaches, you’re probably familiar with headaches that get worse over time.

You may notice that they get worse the closer you get to the onset of the headaches, which may be a result of an underlying medical condition or genetic predisposition.

You may also notice that the symptoms of chronic migraine get worse and worse, leading to more frequent headaches, headaches that last longer and are more severe.

Some of the problems that result from chronic migraining headaches are: headaches that seem to get worse