Holy water for elephants and Perrier water are now available to support elephant conservation efforts in Tanzania.

The Perrier Watershed Foundation is launching a new programme called Holy Water, which will be delivered through a programme of community-based support for the protection of elephant habitats and the habitats of the communities who rely on them.

It is the first time Holy Water will be offered to the public, as the foundation has been working to ensure it is delivered on time and on budget.

The Holy Water programme, launched in the wake of a string of elephant deaths in Tanzania, will help protect elephant habitats in the Perrier watershed and also work to reduce poaching in the area.

The project, which has received over $40 million in funding, will target communities who depend on the water supply for their livelihoods.

According to Dr Simon Mutharika, a member of the foundation’s board, the project will involve a number of projects in communities in Tanzania including: providing water, irrigation, building infrastructure and health and safety measures to protect the elephants.

He added that the project’s success will depend on its success in achieving the stated objectives of the programme.

“We need to have the best possible governance structures, we need to work with the communities and ensure that we are able to deliver the necessary services to them, which is the main focus of the project,” he said.

The organisation hopes that the programme will help ensure that elephants are protected from poaching and other human rights violations.

“It is crucial to support communities to provide water to their elephants and to ensure that they are protected, and to prevent illegal activities from occurring in their communities,” Muthara added.