Anadulstop news agency – The news agency ANSA has published a report on the luxury water hose which is reportedly available in the United States for a reasonable price.

The article was first reported by NDTV in December, and features photos of the item being sold on a street corner.

NDTV notes that the hose is “available in several states including Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, Texas and Virginia.”

The article also mentions that the item is “also available at Walmart stores.”

The item reportedly has an MSRP of $300.

However, Walmart did not immediately respond to the news agency’s request for comment.

NDtv also reports that the article does not say if the item was produced by an American or international company.

Anadula, an online magazine, said the article was based on a story by an anonymous source.

“Anadolusto (sic) report is a bit of a stretch, but a story about the water hose, as we can see from the title, it is not only available at American and international retailers, but also Walmart,” Anadola’s spokesperson told NDTV.