Business Insider article A year after a massive earthquake struck the coast of Japan, the world’s biggest bottled water company is still struggling to make money.

A Reuters investigation found that Tokyo-based Tokyo-Tohoku-Kansai Electric Power Co (Tokyo-TkPG), which owns the largest water company in Japan, was struggling to stay afloat in the face of the quake and tsunami.

The Fukushima nuclear disaster left Japan’s government with no money to build or pay for water infrastructure, and the company has been trying to keep costs down with its own innovative water-based technology.

Tokyo’s biggest water company, Tokyo-Kansei Electric Power Corp (Tokky), is also struggling to survive, the report found.

Reuters’ investigation found Tokyo-Tsuda’s water technology has been working for years, but that Tokyo’s water chief had never been able to get approval for it from the government.

The Tokyo-Pohoku Electric Power Company (KPEC), which also owns the biggest water utility, has been the focus of a government probe into the disaster, and it is now looking into the Tokyo-Seki and the Fukushima disaster as well.

A Tokyo-Tokyo partnership to bring bottled water to homes and businesses is also in the works.

But it has not been approved by the government, and KPEC says it is working with the city government on the project.

Tokky and KPec say they are working on the technology.

The Tokyo-Okinawa Water Co. (Tokomoe), which operates in the Tokyo area, has not yet released its water to the public.