IGN is reporting that Nintendo will be releasing a Pokemon-themed water themed item to commemorate the upcoming release of Evolve, the Pokemon-focused Pokemon GO game.

The item will be called Evolve Life Water, and it will be available for players to trade with Pokemon-specific items, including Pokemon plushies.

It will be made available for trade via the Pokémon Trading Card Game, and will cost 7,800 yen.

The Pokemon Trading Card Battle event that launches this week will feature Evolve life water and Pokemon-related merchandise, and this item is also available for purchase.

The Pokemon Trading Cards, the game’s official card game, is an online card game that lets players create decks of cards and then play them in a variety of ways.

The cards can be used in various ways, including in battle and in a trading card game called Pokemon Trading.

The card game is designed to give players a chance to experience a new game mechanic and take advantage of card advantages.

Evolve Life water will feature a water themed artwork that will be exclusive to the item, with the Water Pokémon depicted in a different color scheme than the other Pokemon-based items.

It’s unclear whether the item will also have a special attack or be able to evolve.

The details are still unknown.