Hot water bottle from Amazon is the best gift for kids!

This little water bottle has a cute, sparkly, and cute-looking glass base that’s easy to put together.

It’s made of a water hyacinthe, which is a water flavored plant, and has a tiny, colorful sponge inside.

You can even pick a bottle with a cute and colorful sponge and put it on a kid’s face.

The base has a hole for a water trough, which you can then fill with water.

The kids love the cute little hole!

I’m sure I’ll be spending some time with this adorable toy when it arrives.

I love the little water fountain on the side of the toy.

It can be used for a pool or even a small, fun play area.

Kids love it!

 I bought this water bottle because it’s cute and a fun way to get kids to fill up on water and play in it!

The cool thing about the water bottle is that it comes with a removable rubber tube that allows kids to put it in and out of the water tank.

This is a really fun way for kids to get water and do something fun, such as playing in the water.

 The kids love this cute water fountain!