A water bear has become the latest animal to have its skin covered by plastic after it was trapped for more than eight months in a shallow, cold, rainforest area of South Australia.

Key points:The bear was trapped in a remote area of the remote south-east KimberleyA new seal is being used to help protect the bear’s skinClimbing the trees, the animal had no choice but to be rescuedThe bear’s body has been taken to South Australia’s state park for further analysisThe bear had been trapped in the remote Kimberley National Park in South Australia, but its skin has been left exposed in a container for eight weeks, ABC News reports.

The animal was found in a bush in the middle of the night on January 30, 2017.

Its skin was covered in plastic and a seal was used to keep the bear warm.

“It was in a very poor state of health and dehydration.

It was in the area of extreme danger,” South Australian Department of Parks and Wildlife biologist Andrew Taylor said.”

We found the bear had died.”

The seal was found on the bear after a man who had taken it to the park on January 18 found it in a plastic container and the bear was covered by its own skin.

It was taken to the South Australian State Park where an animal rescue team found it.

The bear is now being cared for by a local animal rescue group, while the seal will be taken to a wildlife rehabilitation centre.

Mr Taylor said the seal was a “good specimen” and would be kept in the wild until it was able to be re-homed.

“He’s not a big guy, but he has a lot of endurance and he’s been able to go around the bush a bit,” he said.

The seal will need to be examined to determine how it has survived the years and what its current condition is.

“At this point we just don’t know, and that’s all we can say at this stage,” Mr Taylor said, adding that they will keep an eye out for any other animals that might have similar wounds.