The water fall is a phenomenon that occurs in the middle of the day when rain is heavy and the water in the reservoir has gone low.

“We are now seeing a lot of activity and we are getting a lot more information about the reservoir, the water flow, the flow in the lake,” said Rick DePuy, a spokeswoman for the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.

She said the water falls about every hour and can last for a couple of days, and that’s why the state is encouraging people to stay indoors.

DePuy said a number of people have been experiencing headaches and mild eye strain from the water, which is usually seen on a cloudy day.

He said it’s likely that the water will recede in a couple more days.

A number of places in Florida have been flooded this summer, but it is not clear how widespread the water has been.

DeLisi said the state expects to have more information by the weekend about the cause of the water loss.