By John Vibes December 17, 2015 ” Information Clearing House ” – The largest known water bug is still the coolest thing on earth, according to a report published by The Daily Mail, citing scientists.

The giant water bug (pictured above) is found only in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Tasmania, and is found mostly in rivers and lakes.

Scientists say it’s only known to live for a few weeks in these locations before moving on.

They say it was recently identified in the US state of Washington, and in Texas, the state where the giant waterbug lives.

“In recent years, waterbugs have been known to inhabit the US, Mexico, Canada and Australia.

However, the giant is unique in that it lives in the depths of rivers and is thought to only be able to survive for a couple of weeks,” said lead author David Hsu, a scientist at the University of Adelaide.

“While other waterbugs may be able survive for months or years, the waterbug is the first known species of freshwater invertebrate known to have lived for long periods of time in the deep ocean.”

The researchers say they’re still unsure why the giant has such a low tolerance for water.

“There are many possible explanations, but the only one that makes sense is the water bug’s extreme dryness and the water it drinks is very salty, which can only be replenished by other organisms,” said Hsu.

“If we were to accept that the water is just salty and we’re all stuck in a perpetual state of dehydration, then the water bugs ability to survive is probably a myth.”

They also believe the waterbugs lack the ability to regulate temperature and body temperature.

The waterbug’s habitat is so remote that the scientists say they can’t detect the insect’s presence in the surrounding waters.

They also say that water bugs are also found in freshwater lakes and streams, and the insects can’t reproduce in the water.