N.S. Water and Sewer Authority officials are warning residents to conserve water after a spate of water pump incidents.

The agency is also investigating an incident in which a pump malfunction led to a large fire in the North Carolina City community of Asheville.

“The public has a right to know what is in their water supply,” a spokesperson for the authority told Business Insider on Wednesday.

The latest pump problem occurred in early February, when the city’s water supply started to run out.

When officials checked the pumps on Feb. 8, they found that the water supply was completely depleted.

The problem was resolved by Thursday, but the city still has a shortage of water and water products, which are used in making drinking water.


C Water and Sewer Authority said it is working with regulators to investigate the incident.

“We are looking into this incident to learn more about what happened and how we can prevent it from happening again,” the spokesperson said.

The city has also issued advisories on its water pumps.

“We are working with the authority to address the situation and ensure that our water system is safe for customers,” the city said.