The Environmental Protection Agency has launched a new campaign to encourage clean-energy companies to recycle their wastewater into clean drinking water.

The new “Clean Water Action” campaign, which launched Tuesday, encourages businesses and other entities to recycle and reuse their wastewater, including those that have been damaged or contaminated by human or environmental pollution.

The EPA says it is using technology to identify “wastewater-sheltered, contaminated or otherwise hazardous sites and to identify and recover clean water resources.”

The agency is also asking businesses and individuals to “participate in the effort to minimize waste disposal, recycle and recycle safely.”

In addition to water, the EPA says businesses can use the water from public drinking water systems to “recharge drinking water supplies, provide drinking water to residents and communities in need, and provide clean drinking and wastewater to other entities that need clean water.”

The agency also encourages individuals to take part in the program by taking action on a few simple tasks:For example, companies can “recycle” water by “reusing” it into drinking water for their employees, and “reuse” water to create a sanitary toilet or shower.

The campaign encourages businesses to use “smart” water collection equipment and to use the same water to “clean” other facilities.

It also encourages consumers to clean their taps by “recycling” tap water.

The EPA also is working to educate people about the EPA’s Clean Water Action program and to encourage businesses to comply with federal environmental regulations.