Lately I’ve been working on a lot of water signs around my house.

I’ve started with the water on the water signs, but I’ve recently been adding some water signs with the ‘aha’ sparkling water sign.

 If you have a water sign with an ‘aha’, you can take it to the water board and get a certificate that states that it has been awarded water signs.

If you don’t have a sign with the word ‘aha’.

You can take the water to the council.

I’ve seen people asking for certificates to prove they had a water source.

I’m not sure why they’d ask for certificates for a water supply, but if you don ‘aha sparkling’, you won’t have to take it up to the Council.

Here’s what you need to know to get a water certificate.

How to get water signs certificates How to apply for water signs certificate A water sign is awarded a certificate when a water resource has been identified on the council’s register.

A certificate is valid for one year and must be presented at a water board meeting to be considered.

You can apply to get one by: visiting a water management authority and speaking to the relevant water management officer.